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The Massive Talkathon 7

ICT Academy Youth Talk INDIA

Being able to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. A graduate with strong public speaking skills is sought by many organizations. The one who articulates well is highly valued by employers and he/she tends to earn leadership positions.

To develop such a vital skill and kindle the interest of public speaking among every student, ICT Academy organizes Youth Talk India 2021. The 7th edition of the massive talkathon brings the students of higher education across India on a single virtual platform to compete against each other to exhibit their public speaking skills and evolve leadership capabilities. This initiative is envisioned to identify young, powerful communicators and leaders who can communicate their thoughts to inspire the peers in their community.

What to Expect

Prestigious national level competition - Highly motivating for students to showcase their skills across the nation

Builds confidence, public speaking skills, leadership capabilities, broadens participants’ horizons and creates opportunities.

Renowned leaders, educators as judges give constructive feedback to the participants


Past Talks
The Massive Talkathon 7

Who Can Talk?

Student currently pursuing full-time Graduation / Post Graduation of ICT Academy Member Institutions across India.

If you think you have the ability to change the world with your powerful speech, then apply now!

The Massive Talkathon of INDIA

Contest Process


Registration will happen across India


Initial Screening

Top 25 Participants will be shortlisted in each state based on the 10-minute video submitted by them.

State Finals

One State Topper out of 25 will be identified and awarded


National Finals

The Top 10 from the overall national ranking will be invited to participate in the Grand Final and the winner will be recognized as ‘ICT Academy Youth Icon’.

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Selection of

Quality of

Quality of the video submitted

Confidence & Body language

Abide by the timeline

Language proficiency

The Massive Talkathon of INDIA


The success of the talk predominantly relies on the quality of the topic chosen. The chosen topic should have the scope for exhibiting your public speaking skills and thereby to inspire the audience. Though the scope of the talk is not restricted, the chosen topic should be non-political, non-religious and other ambiguous themes that affect any individual, personal and social values. The contestants must prepare their own talk, which is strictly free from plagiarism.

The following are some of the suggested topics, which you can consider:

List of Topics
  • This generation as a completely different lifestyle compared to the previous generation.
  • Books are outdated.
  • Do introverts make great leaders?
  • TV and Mass Media: could we exist without it?
  • Real wealth is never measured in money or possessions
  • To be grown up is a state of mind.
  • What characteristics make an ideal hero and why?
  • Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?
  • If I had a million dollars to give away.
  • Good economics is good politics
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • India or China : the next super power
  • Something I wish I knew when I was younger
  • Maintaining work-life balance is important
  • To be a good leader, you must think like a good leader
  • Students should be encouraged to volunteer
  • Exercising is important for staying healthy
List of Topics
  • Global awareness makes us responsible citizens of the world.
  • Water management in our home really does matter.
  • Facebook kills face to face conversation skills
  • A newspaper article that just grabbed me
  • A story worth telling.
  • If I could convince you of anything it would be
  • Things people just don’t seem to understand
  • What could the rich do to better understand the poor?
  • Fast food a curse for humans.
  • Why drug abuse is one of the most important concerns among youngsters?
  • Why we can’t imagine our lives without technology?
  • My worst experience in life and how it taught me life lessons.
  • Plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons (cosmetic surgery). Is it rising to a level that exceeds good sense?
  • Nuclear power is better than solar power.
  • Driving over the speed limit.
  • Mono-tasking more important than multi-tasking?
  • The importance of newspapers in our daily life.
List of Topics
  • Make recycling mandatory to help the environment.
  • The impact of mass media on modern culture
  • Solutions that could contribute to ending world hunger
  • Social media and its impact on mental health
  • How to overcome personal challenges in university
  • Why being lazy isn’t always a bad thing
  • Is our society too dependent on technology?
  • Sleep is vital for brain and development for a person
  • It is healthy to carry emotions
  • Education should not be limited to the classrooms
  • Going green is not a choice but a need
  • Should the government more strictly regulate the Internet?
  • What is the most beneficial parenting style and why?
  • Is the boom of e-commerce harmful or beneficial to small communities?
  • Should art and music therapy be prioritized over traditional talk therapy?
  • My biggest concern for the future is...
  • If I ruled the world
The Massive Talkathon of INDIA

Instructions while making video:

  • Record your speech in the indoor with the best possible lighting
  • Create a clear presentation space. Remove all unnecessary or distracting items from the speaking background.
  • Record the video in the plain background in the calm environment.
  • Place camera at 5-7 feet distance from the speaker (if it's mobile)
  • Use the horizontal angle while recording
  • Record video in a standing posture.
  • Place the camera according to the speaker height and try to shoot without shake.
  • Try to shoot the video in the calm surrounding to avoid noise.
  • No cuts. No editing of the recorded video.
  • Upload the final best video in YouTube and save as unlisted video

Rules and Regulations

  • Students those who participated in the previous editions of ICT Academy Youth Talk are not eligible to participate; if found he/she will be disqualified.
  • Topics chosen should NOT be controversial, political or provoking.
  • If the quality of the video and audio is not good the submission may get rejected.
  • The video should be recorded indoor, in the calm environment with plain background
  • The speaker should be in the standing pose.
  • No additional photos, external videos, should be embedded/shown in the submitted video
  • The 10-minute video should be recorded as a single shot with no editing or cuts.
The Massive Talkathon of INDIA

Prizes and Awards

State Level Contest
First Place
Award + Certificate + Digital Gadget
Second Place
Award + Certificate
Third Place
Award + Certificate
National Level Contest
First Place
Award + Certificate + Title "ICT Academy Youth Icon" + Gadgets
Second Place
Award + Certificate
Third Place
Award + Certificate
The Massive Talkathon of India

Important Dates

March 15, 2021

Last Date to register and submit video

1st week of Apr 2021

Initial Screening

3rd week of Apr 2021

State Final

April, 2021

National Final


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  • 01. What is ICT Academy Youth Talk?
    ICT Academy Youth Talk is a speech contest for college students to express their ideas, through an inspiring and powerful speech.
  • 02. Who can apply for ICT Academy Youth Talk contest?
    ICT Academy Youth Talk contest is for the students of ICT Academy Member Institutions across India.
  • 03. What is the prize for the winner?
    The winner of the ICT Academy Youth Talk India 2021 will be crowned as ‘ICT Academy Youth Icon’.
  • 04. What are the stages of the contest?
    • Registration will happen across India.
    • Initial Screening – Top 25 Participants will be shortlisted in each state based on the 10-minute video submitted by them.
    • State Final - One State Topper out of 25 will be identified and awarded
    • Overall National Ranking of the contestants from the all states will be generated based on their scores in previous levels
    • The Top 10 from the overall national ranking will be invited to participate in the Grand Final and the winner will be recognized as ‘ICT Academy Youth Icon’.
  • 05. Where can I get updates about the event?
    Check out for the updates in our social media pages