Circle Process

Roles in ICTACT Youth circle

The member's participation defines the success of the circle. For a full-fledged participation one needs to understand the roles of the Circle. The Circle host several roles and each role has its own importance. Each role is designed in such a way that it enhances the communication and leadership skills of the students in a relaxed and entertaining way. Program participants must know and understand every so they can prepare for them. The following are the various roles in a circle and the roles will be completely rotational. The circle activities are designed in such a way that each member should get opportunity to enact every role. It is the responsibility of the Circle Board members to ensure that every member gets equal opportunity to serve all roles. The various roles in the Circle are as listed below


  • Speaker

  • Evaluator

  • Filler Counter

  • Timer

  • Spot Topic Master

  • Spot Topic Speaker

  • News of the Week


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