Circle Process

How ICTACT Youth Circle works

The ICTACT Youth Circle is a 2 year program that ideally starts in the 2nd year of any bachelor degree and in the 1st year of any Master Degree. The Forum consists of 20 activities every year and comprising of 40 activities for two years. Every member of the forum will have an activity book that shall list all the activities and all details pertaining to it.


  • 01

    Ideally all students in a class will be the members of the ICTACT Youth Circle. Depending on the availability of time the students will gather weekly once or twice

  • 02

    Every year ICTACT Youth Circle will have to complete 20 activities that are listed in the activity book.

  • 03

    One faculty member will act as a mentor for ICTACT Youth Circle. He/she will act as a guide for the entire forum

  • 04

    Five Members (students) will be selected as Board members who will lead the ICTACT Youth Circle

  • 05

    The Board members are held responsible for conduction of all activities

  • 06

    The time limit for one activity is 2 hours
    (if effectively handled).

  • 07

    Every activity will have 7 roles to be played. (Speaker, Evaluator, Filler Counter, Timer, on the spot Topic Master, On the Spot Topic Speaker and News of the Week speaker)

  • 08

    In a 50 member ICTACT Youth Circle 30 members will participate in various roles in an activity and the selection of those 30 members will be based on picking of lots

  • 09

    Other than the activities the members shall also conduct one ICTACT Youth Circle Day in the first Year


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